Ewen Extier

Professional Negotiator

Unlock current complex situations & improve Leadership, Empathy and Build Strong Negotiation Skills


We believe that confidentiality is a key component to your success


Our services integrate both professional & personal concerns


Our approach is designed to be simple and fully customized to your needs

/ Our Mission

Our mission is to help executives & HRs deal with their daily & high stake negotiations through our accurate & efficient 4-step methodology

We offer two different services



We work together as a team to appropriately manage complex situations.

/ Our Approach

Our approach is a set of Negotiation and Mediation tools exclusively designed for your specific needs, allowing you to improve your Professional & Personal levels

3x Outcomes

Learn to master your listening skills and
the art of questioning
Improve your assertiveness and the art
of tactics
Learn confidence for any situation
Strong focus on preparation and
In person or group training available
Learn our SAA approach: Scan /
Analyse / Action

/ Our Solutions

/ Unlock & Solve

“Do you feel stuck in your current situation?”
Current situation: We initially focus on

understanding your case to find the appropriate solution for you. This includes setting up a strategic plan and preparing you for assertive negotiation

We can independently negotiate for you on
on your behalf, or we can support & join you in your negotiation process

In the case of an urgent / critical situation, use the Whatsapp link

/ 1:1 Group Training Program

“Improve Your Negotiation Skills”
1:1 and? In-Person training for professionals and executives

 who need to develop better skills for complex and stressful situations

We will develop a customized roadmap of trainings

 helping you to build strong competencies and skills that will prepare you for any type of negotiation or decision making scenario

We can also assess other internal issues in your organisation. For more details, please contact us

/ Our 4 Steps Process

/Our clients

/ About us

Ewen Extier is the founder of Krizea. It’s credentials include a Master in Management, Consulting and Change. He has a unique perspective on negotiating derived from firsthand experience over many years working in multicultural settings and in various countries

His industrial relations experience began while working six years for the French Embassy as an export consultant & advisor for French aerospatial companies, supporting their offces in Central and Eastern Europe.

General Managing Director of one of the top-rated international relocation companies

Having frequently been in contact with difficult profiles and demanding VIPs, Ewen’s eight years experience in high-end industry have provided him with concrete skills for navigating multi-complex environments in high-pressure settings. His certifications and trainings are provided by the world’s top negotiators.

Ewen has led teams, driven strategic reviews, closed cross-cultural collective workplace agreements and managed board negociations.

His background helps him to combine current best-practice teaching with hands-on business experience to deliver focused, dynamic skills training programs that improve business outcomes.

Ewen is passionate about aero, diving, gastronomy and geopolitics.

« Understanding, preparing and performing with agility & empathy are the keys for any resolution»

/ Immediat Unlock & Solve

We assist you during your current negotiations with a focus on your assertiveness & strategy preparation.

We also negotiate directly, on behalf of you: we set up a together a mandate and we drive the negotiation process.

/ 1:1/group Training program

"Improve Your Negotiation Skill Set”

1:1 or In Person group training for corporate and executives

who experienced complex & stressful situations or difficult negotiations

and need a roadmap training so they can build efficient foundations in any of their future negotiations & decisions.

We can also analyse together your environment to help you to detect the potential conflicts or difficult situations, to be ready for it.